ADA, MARK, LINK Marching Towards Mass Adoption: Analyst


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ADA, MARK, LINK Marching Towards Mass Adoption: Analyst

Crypto analyst, Austin Arnold has shared the list of three major altcoins that have the potential for mass adoption. The three cryptocurrencies include Ethereum competitor Cardano (ADA), Benchmark Protocol’s native MARK token, and Chainlink’s LINK token.

Cardano (ADA) Already Marching Towards Global Expansion

In a new YouTube video titled “Top 3 Altcoins set to be LIFE-CHANGING in 2021!!” crypto analyst and trader, Arnold has shared that Cardano (ADA),  Benchmark Protocol (MARK), and Chainlink (LINK) token as the best altcoin investments of the year.

For instance, Arnold highlights Cardano (ADA) partnerships in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Just last week, the creator behind Cardano blockchain, IOHK, teamed up with the education minister of Ethiopia to bring its blockchain-based ID solution Atala PRISM to 3,500 schools for over five million students. In a first of a kind, Cardano calls it the world’s largest biggest blockchain deployment ever.

Meanwhile, in Tanzania, Cardano partnered with the World Mobile Group to give 100,000 people living in rural areas digital access to mobile internet, digital identity, and financial solutions.

With such kind of expansion across the globe, the analyst believes that Cardano is only inching towards mass adoption.

MARK and LINK Has the Potential Towards Adoption

The second token to be on Arnold’s 2021 altcoin list include Benchmark Protocol’s MARK token. The digital asset offers stability in periods of high volatility as it functions as an elastic hedging device.

Essentially, MARK comes under rebase token, meant to be an uncorrelated asset with an elastic supply. Basically, the MARK token will likely remain at the same price over time, but the quantity of tokens in circulation is constantly fluctuating.

Meanwhile, Benchmark Protocol is officially rolling out its peer-to-peer marketplace on Ethereum and Binance, whitelisting popular assets such as PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Chainlink (LINK).

Lastly, Chainlink (LINK) has the potential towards mainstream adoption, according to the analyst with its recent partnership with the UNICEF Innovation Fund for supporting blockchain applications in developing economies.

The UNICEF Innovation Fund is a pooled fund designed to finance startups building early-stage, open-source technology that addresses key global challenges.

Jafrin Ahmed

Jafrin Ahmed

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