Cardano (ADA) on Reuters Headlines for Decentralizing Education a News beyond Pump and Dump

Charles Hoskinson in response to the Reuters publication titled, Ethiopia Deploys Blockchain in Classroom stated it is great to be on Reuters.

Those who have invested in ADA in response to this news were happy because they see this as a sign of their investment growing. Reuters is well known as a real media outlet with a good market base, and being named in such an outlet is a good sign – recognition.

Crypto Media reportedly have not been good to ADA, there have been a lot of censorship when it comes to addressing their progress and achievement. Looking at the Reuters news, users felt that it is good to see mainstream media attention.

Another thing that should be noted is that Charles always stated that traditional finance and institutions out there are their competition.  He never stated that crypto was their competition.

Well, the pinnacle media outlet found some true reason to name Cardano’s attempts.  Cardano are in a life-changing mission and they have embarked to help achieve for those who have had a hard time being financially deprived.

Africa has been alienated for very long from the world of economic activities and they were denied access to credits or infrastructure. Cardano are working on making the infrastructure for credits accessible to the population with potential for hard work and dedication.

The news on Reuters is not about any pump or dump, but something about a real-time use cases or a mission. It is nice to see the media publishing stuff beyond the pump and dump.

The current use case of deploying blockchain in the educational sector has a lot of other use cases than just identifying exceptional students.

While the Ethiopian Education Minister has confirmed the Cardano Blockchain Partnership – IOHK the Cardano builder has to state that they are beginning to develop the code and they are not expecting to launch it before 2022.

Getahun Mekuria, the minister has stated, “This initiative is about bringing technology to improve the quality of education.”

The project is in early stages and they are just beginning to develop the code. And, they are not expecting to launch the project beyond 2022.

The price of Cardano was trending somewhere around $1.32. Ethereum dominance is continuing in the market place now.  The major news about ADA now is about the deal with the Ethiopian Government to decentralize the education sector.  Whether the African government will look for more executions than in the education sector is something we will come to know with time.


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