September 11, 2020

Join Layer1 as the team sits down w/ two DeFi TITANS. Stani Kulechov from Aave and Kain Warwick from Synthetix breakdown the latest from their own projects as well as their thoughts on the current and future state of the broader DeFi market. 

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0:00 Start  
2:20 Synthetix Introduction
2:48 Aave Introduction
3:48 CeFi vs. DeFi
9:53 Why hasn’t BTC been used much in DeFi
19:25 No Audit Code and Insurance 
24:13 Onboarding Users and UX/UI in DeFi
29:55 Regulations Discussion
39:00 SUSHI and the State of DeFi
47:25 Are Yields a Race to the Bottom?
50:40 Aave Flash Loans
56:35 Is there a Liquidation Risk in Ethereum DeFi?
1:02:30 Synthetic Perpetual Swaps
1:04:35 Arbitrage on Synthetix
 1:07:20 Aavegotchi and DeFi + NFTs
 1:13:00 Liquidity Providers

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This is not financial advice, and information was found publicly on the internet. Opinions shared on this episode are solely of the Layer1 team. All information is public domain. Please do your own research.


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