I’m very new to this whole cryptocurrency frenzy. In an effort to understand what all this was about, I was — for some inexplicable reason — particularly attracted to Cardano’s blockchain technology. I’m asking with an interest to learn more about this.

– What is IOHK and Cardano Foundation? Are they two separate entities with one with controlling the other? I’m quite confused in understanding the existing relationship between these two.

I landed on this site where I saw different members associated with Cardano Foundation, but I couldn’t find Charles Hoskinson among them. [Image attached] After browsing a while, I found this information that said, Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood are under contract with Cardano platform. So, what’s the whole deal here? Is Cardano just a brand name and IOHK is the real organization? Please explain.

r/cardano - What is the existing relationship between Cardano Foundation and IOHK?

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