Occam.fi Partners with Bondly to Provide Next-gen NFT Capabilities to Cardano

OccamRazer and Bondly have announced a new strategic integration that will benefit the Cardano ecosystem. Together, they will explore development synergies for Cardano, a blockchain-proof stakeholder platform, in the growing NFT market. The aim is to launch this collaboration by using its well-established NFT technology to offer the Cardano ecosystem high-utility NFT capabilities.

NFTs in the Cardano Ecosystem

Created with experience and support from a seasoned team of blockchain developers and experts, Occam.fi is the first decentralized launch pad for the Cardano ecosystem.

Bondly on the other hand is a portable, transparent and interoperable exchange protocol designed to revolutionize conventional escrow methods that enable next-generation NFT creators. Bondly’s vision is to use NTFs focused on arts, games, anime, music or brands, to link non-crypto audiences and provide decentralized financial assistance to the crypto world.

Bondly has comprehensive NFT market expertise, a development sector, but Cardano’s potential is still untapped. IDO relaunches on the OccamRazer launchpad are anticipated to accelerate the most exemplary and most disruptive NFT projects.

Occam.fi Joins Hands with Cardano

IOHK announced a collaboration with Bondly in December 2020 with Mr. Dan Friedman, IOHK’s Business Development Director, and a Bondly consultant. OccamRazer developed the Cardano ecosystem as the prime fundraiser and catalyst of the Cardano dApp universe that is still in its development. 

OccamRazer has a variety of killer features that will see Cardano become the next big thing. These include the cross-chain existence of the solution, smart growth of the management layer, depth of the services provided by the Occam umbrella, the toolkit and regulations for enforcement, and the weight of Cardano ecosystems.

NFTs and DeFi Craze Over the Past Year

The Cardano blockchain is invested in being part of the NFT movement that has quickly become a significant deal in the crypto space worldwide. Although DeFi was the focal point much of 2020, the number of NFTs has been steadily growing in recent months.

The NFT industry grew 17% in 2019, with market capitalization expected to increase 50% by the end of 2020. This market capitalization is fascinating because, in less than two years, the gross value of more than 200 million dollars has been achieved from nothing.

NFT’s sales improved considerably as of September 2020 and stayed beyond previous months, according to NFT data resource NonFungible.com. NFT revenues in September 2020 were close to 1 million dollars, with blockchain-based Sorare football card game reaching over 221,000 dollars in sales.

This momentum does not indicate any deceleration because in the first week of December 2020, NFTs valued 2 million dollars were exchanged. According to CoinGecko, the NFT market capitalization has surpassed its 2020 projection and reached more than $550 million.

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